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To Do List

  1. Fill out mailbox rental packet
  2. Make a copy of 2 forms of ID (no social security cards)
  3. Send or bring signed mailbox rental packet and ID copies with full payment to store location
  4. Pick up mailbox key

Private Mailbox Street Address

Nevada PO Box
(Private Mailbox)

You should have a prestigious street address to send and receive business mail, not some PO box with limited options.

The business address will not appear as just a numerical PO box at the local post office. Instead, it's a live street address with your own private mailbox number.

Receive an email or text message whenever you receive a package or special mail. We can also forward your mail to another address.

All postal mail is usually in your box by 1pm. All special mail such as FedEx, UPS and DHL is usually in your box by 12pm.

$17.50 Per Month
($52.50 per 3 months
$105 per 6 months
$210 per year)